Privacy Policy

privacy policy is a statement that contains all the information a party uses. In business, it is considered a statement of how a party uses, gathers, discloses,and collects information about its clients, deals, and work. The exact content of a privacy policy depends on the law applicable to that region. Privacy law is imposed not only on government businesses but also on private firms.

Who We Are

Services can be used in a variety of ways to retain their privacy. The privacy policy is meant to understand how information is collected, updated, or deleted.


The comments left on any website need to be accessed through the member area. When visitors leave a comment on the site, the IP address and browser are used to help spam detection. The string created from the email address obtained from the visitor comment is used to identify the customer. After the approval of the customer, the profile picture may be visible to the public.


On uploading any image to the website, the embedded location should be avoided so that visitors of the website cannot download any location from the website.


Cookies are basically small pieces of text sent to the browser being used from the website being visited. They actually make websites remember information about visitors’ searches and make it easier to visit the site again. The use of cookies can be managed by rejecting and allowing some particular cookies. Cookies do not use any personal data and maintain preferences and other information such as the language used, and searches performed. They are used to maintain and enhance user experience.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

Embedded contents are external contents used in other websites, they embed something called ‘embeded code’ into other websites, and on hitting save it gets into the published page. These embedded contents are seen at the backend of any post. The code is basically an HTML to get multimedia from other sites.

Who We Share Your Data With

Comments are fuel for some creation engines running and a hassle for some of them. But dealing with comments needs to be done and it creates engagement online. The data are kept on the basis of the privacy policy followed by the company.

How Long We Retain Your Data

Metadata and comments are retained indefinitely so that any follow-up comments can be recognized immediately. The registered users on the website also get their personal information saved which is provided in their user profile. However, all the users can retain, edit or delete their information anytime and this can also be done by the administrator.

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

If any comment has been left by the user on the website, then the personal information of the user gets saved. However, the user can ask for the exported file of the saved data and also request for deleting the information.

Where We Send Your Data

The data are encrypted, controlled accessed, and authenticated due to privacy policy.