Cyberviman Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a template where the company lets its customer know about the rules and guidelines about using any product, app, site, or service. They include topics of limitations, service liability, tax charges, and guarantees.

Terms and Conditions Agreements

Terms and Conditions Agreements work as a legal contract between the company and the user. It is the contract where the owner can put its website’s limitations and maintain the rights in case of any abuse from the customer or any other unspecified damages. This contract is prepared to keep in mind about the products used to be the responsibility of the customer. Having a Terms and Conditions Agreement is completely optional and no laws are required to have a Terms and Conditions Agreement. The clauses seen in these agreements are most common and expected, it’s the decision of the owner to set the rules and guidelines that the customer must agree to.

Unlike privacy policies which are required by law, the terms and conditions agreement does not have any laws or regulations. However, maintaining a Terms and Conditions Agreement gives the opportunity to terminate the access of abusive users or users who do not consider the rules and regulations applied by the owner company.

Information to Include in Terms and Conditions

The information to be noted in the Terms and Conditions Agreement is noted below:


The company of the customer purchasing the designed website remains solely responsible for the compliance and Laws regarding business and operations. The customer is also responsible for its own shipment of all regulated and non-regulated products along with the sale services. Licensing charges, tax applicable, and other business charges are the customer’s responsibility.

No Tax or Professional Advice

The Services provided by Cyberviman do not include tax, accounting, financial changes, legal actions, compliances, non-compliances, or other professional advice related to any requirements subject to applicable Law. Documents and payments are provided for the verification of the company as the application of the law vary widely depending upon circumstances and type of business involved.

Direction and Control

The site prepared according to the customer’s needs contains various services, tools, and actions, which the customer acknowledges for the maintenance and directions of the website to be used. Registration fees, maintenance fees, taxes applicable, and license fees all are paid by the service owner and the creating website company is not responsible for them.

Intellectual Property Clause

This clause includes that the logo, information, and visual media on the website creator server belong to the owner company and a customer buying the website from Cyberviman does not have the right to use it as the owner company has a copyright in it.


This shows that in case of any user misusing the website, not following the terms and conditions can be terminated in case of abuse or discretion.

Links to Other Websites

The owner company is not responsible for any third-party websites referred to in the profile.